Jilian Cramb


Jilian is a single mother of a happy, energetic 6 year-old boy, Asher. Her degree is in Interior Design where she was formally trained in CAD, but also hand-rendering and sketching techniques. Most of her works are most suitable, intentional or not, for textile designs - great on all the products! As well as wall art, in the home or office. Mental illness and the negative stigma are real. Jilian suffers from anxiety and depression; mental illness can overwhelm at any given time; and many of Jilian's pieces were created during a manic, or depressed state. Aggressively, of despair, therapeutically, or elation. Pieces created during, or prompted by, her illness. Realism is about the only thing you won't find in her body of work, as she says: 'Why paint things as they are, when, with a paint brush and canvas, anything, in any color is possible?' Jilian aims to create artwork that engages the eye, and utilizes colors and subjects that illicit emotion(s) from the viewer. PUBLICATIONS: 4/2/2017 - 'Electric Bouquet' & Jilian Cramb featured in Women in Art 278 Magazine 12/1/2015 - 'Cotton Spice' was published in 'Autumn 2015 Art: Fine Art Auction Vol. 1' by Shan Peck 12/27/2015 - 'Brass Bark', 'Beauty of Decay' and 'Cotton Spice' were published in 'Winter 2015 Art: Fine Art Auction Vol. 2' by Shan Peck 1/28/2016 - 'Curves of Seduction' and 'Then Comes Baby' published in 'Spring 2016: Fine Art Auction Vol. 3' by Shan Peck *Available on Amazon Owner/Artist at AMothersFineArt on Etsy, Composites Administrator at Roush Industries Instagram: @a_mothers_fine_art_etsy Twitter: @AMothersFineArt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AMothersFineArt

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